T-Ro Films New Mexico’s Production Company

T-Ro Films is a production company based out of Albuquerque, NM. We keep our prices low because we are a one stop production shop where you can have your vision filmed and edited without the hassle of having to sub-rent gear or try to find crew to hire. We have all your needs from cameras, lights, audio, post, editors, shooters, VFX, sound guys, and more. We now have a small studio located in the historic Simms Building in Downtown Albuquerque on 4th and Gold that is connected to all the major networks ready to go 24/7 via fiber through CoverEDGE. If you need a 1 to 2 person interview let us know today! We Also specialize in Freefly Systems state of the art 3 axis gimbal the MoVI M10 and MoVI M15 complete with case, Remote Focus, batteries, wireless Video, Monitor, controller, and hands free Segway “Hoverboard”. Check out this video to see it in use.
Also we have one of the largest selections of super silent movie generators in NM. 45KW – 450KW and everything between. Let us know what your production needs are today!
Productions we helped! Yours could be the next one!
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Freefly Systems MoVI M10 & M15

Need an impossible shot done that a steady cam can't pull off? Need something smoother then handheld? Try our expert 3 axis gimbal system with our expert controller/operators. Our MoVI Packages come ready to use with everything you need. Comes with wireless monitors, wireless follow focus, remote control and the operators you need with the knowledge and know how to use the gimbal to its fullest.
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