Albuquerque NM Film Crew

Trevor Rogers Experience
Trevor Rogers
Trevor RogersOwner/Director of Photography/Camera Operator/Gaffer/D.I.T
Trevor Rogers started out with a big dream in a small town. A big dream to make Movies of the same quality or better then those seen in the little local theatre. He used to make videos with his friends growing up. His hobby turned into a passion and he graduated from New Mexico State University with a degree in Digital Film and Cinematography. He then turned his passion into a career. Trevor currently has worked on over 60 productions start to finish. Tv shows like Breaking Bad, Dr. Phil, Intervention, Doomsday Preppers, MTV True Life, Fatal Encounters, and Features like The Vow, Game Changer, Avengers, and Becoming Eduardo. He founded T-Ro Films LLC and is currently part owner.
Mary Haarmeyer Experience
Mary Haarmeyer
Mary HaarmeyerOwner/Director/Writer/Producer
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Our Crew Members