MōVI M15

We are super glad to announce that we got our MōVI M15 in the other day from Freefly Systems. We have been using it a lot to test it out with other cameras and rigs. This rig is a lot smoother then the M10 ever was. I am not sure if it is because of some of the little things that have changed. One thing that we started messing around with that a lot of people are not familiar that the MoVI’s can even do, is time lapse photography. I just wanted to see if it was possible to do time-lapse’s on the M15. So I set up the MoVI on a stand went out to the front yard and got some neat Con trails as the sun was setting.

The MōVI M15 is almost lighter then the M10! Well obviously the unit itself is not lighter. However, because they added the 2nd battery holder there is no longer a need to set up the v-lock plate and battery. By not having those items on the MōVI saves a bunch of weight therefore making it lighter then the M10. I Have even been using the MōVI M15 to film Hyper-Lapse photography. It makes it way easier then just using a tripod and camera. This video below was my first attempt on doing a hyper-lapse with a MōVI M15.

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MoVI M15 Bundle

  • MoVI M15, 6 Batteries and Charger
  • Spectrum DX7s Remote with TX Tray for Monitor
  • Small HD DP6 Monitor, AC7 Monitor, & TeraDek Bolt
  • Redrock Remote Focus with Hand Wheel and Finger Wheel
  • Redrock Power Pack and Case