Film Equipment Rental in Albuquerque NM

Cameras & MōVI M15

Not just cameras but everything to do with cameras. Cameras, Tripods, Dollies, Jibs, MoVI’s, Batteries, Rigs, Rails, Lenses, Follow Focuses, Monitors, Matt Boxes, Shoulder Rigs, 3D, GoPros and more.


HMI Lights: 12k Fresnel’s, 4K Par’s, 4K Fresnel’s, 2.5K Par’s, 2.5k Fresnel’s, 1.2K Par’s, 575W Fresnel’s, 400W Jokers.

Tungsten Lights: 5K Baby Senior’s, 2K Baby Junior’s, 2K Zip’s, 2K Mighty’s, 1K Baby-Baby’s, 1K Baby Soft’s, 1K Mickey’s, 600w Tweenies, 650w Nook’s, 250w Inkie’s, Par Cans, 6 Light Par, 2 Light Par, Stick up Kit.

KinoFlos: 4′ 4 Bank’s, 2′ 2 banks, 9″ Car Kit


20′ x 20′ Butterflies, 12′ x 12′ Butterflies, 8′ x 8′ Butterflies, 6′ x 6′ Butterflies, 4′ x 4′ Flags, Crank-O-Vadors, Cine-O-Vators’, Double Riser, Triple Riser, Low Boys, Beefy Baby’s, Speed Rail, Silks, Singles, Doubles, Apple Boxes, Duvetyne, Gels, Gaffer Tape and way way more…


All the ultra Silent Movie Friendly Generators you could need. 350amp -3500amp and everything between. Pallets full of 4/0 Camlock Cable, Bates 100amp, Bates 60amp, Banded and Stingers. Lunch Boxes, Distro Boxes, and more distro then you will ever need.


One of New Mexico’s leading post production houses! Need Editing, VFX, Animation, Color Correction, or sound? Look no further because T-Ro Films has the editors and equipment trained on a variety of professional software to finish your project and make it look great.


Boom Poles, lavalier Mics, Sennheiser 416, Zeppelin, Wind Jammer, 4 Channel Field Mixer, Tram TR 50 Microphones, XLR Cables, Field Recorder, Studio Recording and more.


45′ Boom Truck for Condor or Cherry Picking. 5 Ton Grip and Electric Truck. 12′ Enclosed Trailer. 1000amp Crawford Generator on a Flatbed F450 ready to Go and is Mobile!

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Freefly Systems MoVI M10 & M15

Need an impossible shot done that a steady cam can't pull off? Need something smoother then handheld? Try our expert 3 axis gimbal system with our expert controller/operators. Our MoVI Packages come ready to use with everything you need. Comes with wireless monitors, wireless follow focus, remote control and the operators you need with the knowledge and know how to use the gimbal to its fullest.
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