Albuquerque Chimera Light Rental

We added a new Chimera to our line up of current softboxes. We got the new 35″ Medium Pancake Chimera China ball Lantern! So now we currently have two 48″x36″ medium Chimeras, two 36″x36″ Soft Boxes, three 24″x24″ soft Boxes, one Small 24″x32″ Chimera, and one extra small 16″x32″ Chimera. Almost have the complete chimera lineup!

I got the chimera triolet 1000w with the pancake lantern. It provides nice even light throughout the china ball because of the length of the bulb. I also got the speed ring for the joker hmi lights for the use with daylight. It also came with a baby pin stand adapter read to mount off any menace arm setup!

The reason I bought the chimera pancake of the china ball full circle one is because of a shoot I was on last year.. Last year when I was Director of Photography on the Foreseeable pilot we had a scene where a family was eating at a dinner table and we used a china-ball to light the scene. We ran into problems and had to jerry rig the china ball half taped up so it was more like a pancake because it kept getting into the top of frame. After that experience i decided to buy the pancake version of the china ball. A decision I would soon love after using it when I gaffed my first job with the pancake china ball a week later Too Many Crockets pilot. It was a great shoot which was shot on film and the DP loved the way the china held up against our 4K Par in the saloon scene.

Overall, I love the new chimera addition to my 5 ton grip and electric truck. Check out our rental page today to see on pricing!